Sunday, January 18, 2009

What is Tester Perfumes?

Some perfume on my list are tester unit.

Many peoples confused this tester unit is a leftover from perfume shop.
My answer to this is ; YES its a same tester unit used by perfume shop but NO its not a leftover.
Its a brand new, unused.

Some Q&A about Tester unit

Q : Is it the same perfume at perfume shop where sales-person can test it on you, spray on paper etc..
A : Yes, thats why it labels as 'TESTER'.

Q: Why do we buy TESTER perfume here?
A: Some info says; the contain of parfum in the TESTER unit is higher than normal and last longer than normal. Some people prefers TESTER unit because of this reason.

So TESTER unit is as good as normal unit but even better.

.:Buy with confident:.


do pheromones work said...

Oh! I didn't know that its a same unit used by perfume shop,nice info.


women pheromones said...

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